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Student Trips

Our Annual Field Trips

In conjunction with their classroom learning, students are also exposed to real world examples through various field trips that reinforce and support what they study in the classroom. Some field trips include California Mission visits, trips to the Science Center and History Museum, and trips to the Leonis Adobe. 

8th Grade
East Coast Trip

The annual East Coast Trip is a time honored tradition for all 8th graders. During Easter Break, our students take a one-week educational trip to the east coast exploring Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and New York City, sampling different parts of what each city has to offer, and bringing their U.S. History books to life.

Overnight Outdoors Adventures & Camps

Open to focus group students, the Catalina Island Marine Institute (CIMI) trip allows students to enjoy a variety of hands-on labs and field activities in marine science and island ecology such as terrestrial and astronomy hikes, snorkeling, kayaking, and most importantly, bonding with one another through team building exercises.

10th Grade Armenia Trip

Students take a two-week trip to Armenia to visit Yerevan and neighboring cities and areas to experience the life, food, and culture of Armenia. Visiting historic sites and monasteries brings to life the texts studied at school. Building unforgettable memories and sharing this once in a lifetime experience bonds our students to each other and to their homeland for the rest of their lives

11th Grade
Armenia Internship

Students spend three weeks in an internship program in Armenia and have the opportunity to gain valuable experience while immersed in the Armenian culture. Interning serves as a wonderful way for our students to give back to their homeland, network with others, and gain valuable work experience.

UGAB Argentina
Exchange Program

Vamos chicos! Students have the opportunity to travel to our AGBU sister school in Buenos Aires to participate in a three week student exchange program and build life-long friendships halfway across the world.

Senior Life Skills
Course & Retreat 

Seniors during the second semester take a course preparing them for the realities of college life and beyond. This course culminates with a three day self-reflective retreat which allows them to understand who they are, what is important to them, and who they want to be.

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