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Student-led clubs provide an educational environment where the spirit of volunteerism and community involvement are encouraged and celebrated. The student body organizes clubs, advised by members of the faculty, around a wide variety of interests in academics, health, international affairs, social responsibility, the arts, and beyond. Throughout the year, these clubs participate in fundraisers, competitions, and meetings.

Recent highlights include the virtual interviews by the Journalism Club, a virtual showcase produced by Student Council, and fundraisers by the Helping People Through Arts Club to support Armenian communities in Artsakh and Armenia. To join a student club, a student can speak with a member of that club, faculty advisor, or the Vice Principal. Students are also encouraged to found their own clubs.

  • National Honor Society
  • Academic Pentathlon
  • Student Council
  • Journalism
  • Chess Club
  • Model UN
  • Investment Club
  • Anti-Bullying Club
  • Alliance for Climate Education
  • Yearbook
  • Helping People Through Arts
  • Cancer Awareness
  • Red Cross
  • Middle School Math Club
  • Hidden Road Initiative

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