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Demirdjian High School

Where young Armenian leaders are encouraged to pursue their passions, challenge themselves academically, and create bonds that last a lifetime. Our teachers and programs are dedicated to equipping students with critical thinking skills, and preparing them for success far beyond their high school career. Our graduates regularly enroll in top colleges and universities such as USC, UCLA, UC Berkeley, Stanford, and more.

In addition to the college-preparatory instruction that takes place, students challenge themselves further by enrolling in Honors and Advanced Placement courses. By the end of freshman year, high school students have the opportunity to qualify for and apply to one of five Focus Groups: engineering and technology; health and medicine; business and communication; law and politics; and visual and performing arts. Student-led clubs provide an educational environment where the spirit of volunteerism and community involvement are highly valued and celebrated. Finally, international programs and other trips such as the annual trip to Armenia and the Argentina Exchange Program reinforce the globally focused nature of our school and our students’ cultural heritage.


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Armenian language, literature, history, religion, and culture form an integral part of the school curriculum. Besides teaching students reading, writing and speaking in the Armenian language, the program includes Armenian history and culture through the ages. Both Eastern and Western Armenian are offered at all levels and course content increases from year to year in a graduated manner to parallel the knowledge growth of students. 

In highschool, the curriculum continues to emphasize the student’s oral and written communication skills. Fluency in oral expression is promoted by various activities, including expressive reading, dramatization of literature read, poetry recitation, and various types of oral presentations. Written work includes journal writing, translations, text-based activities, and creative writing. Throughout all activities, reviewing and reinforcing grammar rules and applications, spelling, idiomatic expressions and vocabulary help enhance the Armenian language skills of students. 

Students in grades 9-12 are offered Honors level Armenian every year. The requirements of Honors Armenian include more extensive readings, written assignments, projects and independent work. 

English Language Arts

The foundation of the English language arts program is a literature-based approach to the study and use of the English language. Students develop the skills necessary to become independent and proficient critical thinkers through the integrated exploration and appreciation of both classical and contemporary forms of all literary genres, emulation of grammatical and mechanical fluency, and an assimilation of a richer vocabulary. Complexity of course material increases in a graduated manner to parallel the intellectual growth capacity from one grade level to the next. Emphasis is placed upon the holistic development of each individual’s ability to articulate one’s self confidently and competently in written and spoken expression within a wide variety of social and professional contexts.

Social Studies

The Social Sciences Department believes in the development of students’ understanding and appreciation of the historical, economic and social relevance of the events and institutions of the past and present, in order to be better able to relate to the present and prepare for the future. Further, courses offered by the department pursue the objective of developing a realistic and mature understanding of our lives and our world. It is our goal to also help guide students to appreciate the complexities of our community and the hopes and aspirations, as well as the challenges and difficulties that stimulate the actions of individuals and nations. The department offers honors and advanced placement courses to qualified and motivated students, both to challenge their intellectual abilities and to prepare them for the AP Examinations.


The aim of the mathematics curriculum is to develop students’ analytical and reasoning skills. On every grade level, the math program emphasizes the understanding of mathematical knowledge in real-life situations. The major topics are taught in a sequence that facilitates the development of a sound mathematical foundation. An Honors track is available for motivated students, beginning with pre-algebra in 7th grade and leading to Advanced Placement Calculus in the senior year. Use of technology is integrated into the program. The teaching of math also intends to develop an appreciation of the role of mathematics in history, science, art, technology and modern living.


The science program provides students with the means to acquire an essential body of basic knowledge and necessary skills in order to develop a clear understanding of all the science subjects. Students learn to observe, question, infer, compare and categorize through a variety of classroom and laboratory activities. Throughout the program, the process of inquiry, use of the scientific method, and the development of critical thinking are emphasized. Demonstrations and hands-on experimentation in the laboratory further reinforce the concepts learned. All courses include contemporary topics and applications such as ecology, healthy living, environmental issues, careers in science fields, etc. An annual science fair offers opportunities to develop and display individual and group projects. Students also participate in county and state science competitions.


The technology program is divided into two parts. The first introduces the students to computational theories and the digital world, binary coding and the internet in general. It also introduces the students to computer hardware and different parts of the computer and their uses. The second part is mainly devoted to introducing the students to Engineering in general and the roles that engineers play in society and real life. Motivated and interested students are also able to take AP Computer principles.

Visual and Performing Arts

Dance, Theatre, Visual Art and Music are vital parts of our school's curriculum. Each program provides opportunities to develop aesthetic literacy, participate in artistic performances and engage in cooperative learning experiences. The goal of the Visual and Performing Arts Department is to foster empathy, spark imagination and grow an appreciation and interest in the arts that transcends their high school career.

Physical Education

The basic premise of the school physical education program is that physical fitness is necessary for mental fitness and that it is an important component of children’s overall growth, health and development. Our school is equipped with indoor and outdoor facilities and a staff of coaches who teach as well as coach various sports games and teams. The physical education program promotes the development of student athletes. The program offers opportunities for confidence building, teamwork, decision-making and learning, and practicing sportsmanship. Participation in inter and intramural competitions is an integral part of the athletic program. Skills refinement, game strategies, and the understanding of rules pertaining to different sports games are taught during P.E. classes and coaching sessions. This promotes successful participation in the competitive sports that are part of the school program.

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