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College Counseling

Our Purpose

At AGBU MDS, we provide a comprehensive college guidance program for all families enrolled at our school. Students and parents engage in college guidance activities starting in the 8th grade and begin working more closely with the College Counselor in the 11th grade to make well-informed plans for the students' post-high school years. Through guided tours, college representatives visitations, guest speakers including alumni, and workshops throughout the year, our goal is to inspire our students to broaden their horizons, explore their passions, and review the different avenues of success available to them in their post secondary life.

We are committed to guiding our students and their families through the process of deciding what to study, where to study, how to get into the right-fit college or university, and how to navigate the financial aid process.  

We look forward to working with you as you begin and go through your college selection and admissions journey. Remember to meet with your counselor frequently and don’t forget to visit the College Center!


Meet the Counselor

Michael A. Sakash, Ed. D

I have been an educator in the public and private education sectors for the past nineteen years. I have my doctorate in educational leadership and management with an emphasis on creativity and innovation as well as two master’s degrees, one in history and one in education. My wife is a native Armenian, and I like to consider myself as an honorary Armenian as well. I have given extensive lectures and compiled entire teaching units based on the Armenian Genocide and have been able to educate others about the recent conflict in Artsakh.

I am excited for my children to begin attending AGBU MDS to gain appreciation for their Armenian culture and heritage. As your new college counselor I am committed to the goals of this school and helping every student, discover their passion, and gain admittance to the right institution of learning for them. Together we will ensure that the first steps into post secondary life are as smooth and seamless as possible. 



We Prepare Students For Success In Life