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Middle School Athletics

Middle School Athletics

At the middle school level, the Athletics Department looks to create an environment where students can explore their interests, develop their skills, display sportsmanship and most importantly, have fun! In addition to physical education classes throughout the week, all students can try out for and participate in after-school sports teams that compete in two distinct leagues: the San Fernando Valley Private School League and an Armenian schools' league called KAHAM which unites Armenian schools in Southern California to strengthen community ties through athletic competition. 

Middle School Sports
  • Girls Soccer
  • 7th-8th Boys Soccer
  • 6th Boys Soccer 
  • 7th-8th Girls Volleyball
  • 6th Girls Volleyball
  • 8th Girls Basketball
  • 7th Boys Basketball
  • 7th-8th Boys Basketball
  • 6th Boys Basketball
  • 6th Girls Basketball
  • Flag Football 

School Sports Championships

  • Boys Soccer S.F.V.P.S.L Champions
  • ‘02-’03 V
  • ‘02-’03 JV
  • ‘05-’06 JV
  • ‘10-’11 JV
  • ‘13-’14 6th Grade
  • Boys Basketball S.F.V.P.S.L Champions
  • ‘13-’14 6th Grade
  • Boys Flag Football S.F.V.P.S.L Champions
  • ‘06-’07 V
  • Girls Basketball S.F.V.P.S.L Champions
  • ‘10-’11 JV
  • ‘12-’13 V

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