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Cafe Charles Legacy

Our Legacy

In 2008 after an extended bout with several different caterers, our Director of Operations, Mr. Levon Keshishian was given the task of reorganizing the school’s cafeteria operations. The search began for a full time chef, who would be dedicated to the school and understanding of the students' needs. 

Among the candidates for the job, one special man stood out. Chef Charles Draps impressed with his experience and resume, having catered to celebrities and having worked in kitchens across Europe and the United States. 

Why did you choose to apply for a chef’s job in a private school?

His answer was simple and convincing: 

Children are honest. If they don’t like something, they won’t eat it, if they do, you can see the happiness on their faces.

Chef Charles, appreciated the challenge of cooking and creating for our students, and indeed his main goal was to keep our students happy and engaged in what they were eating. 

With Chef Charles at the helm, Cafe ‘08, as our cafeteria was renamed, impressed students, staff, and parents alike. He was a dedicated employee, with immaculate professionalism, and a wealth of knowledge that he was quick to share with those around him. Sadly, Chef Charles passed away in 2017.

In his memory the name of Cafe ‘08, the place he transformed during his 9 year tenure, was changed to Cafe Charles, and like the student athletes he supported and cheered on, his Chef’s Uniform was retired and hangs in it’s frame in Cafe Charles to this day. 

Chef Charles inspired us all to embrace challenges, work hard, and be creative. Today his legacy is continued by Chef Shahen Mirzabegi, who continues to create delicious dishes for our students and staff, ensuring that Cafe Charles continues to be so much more than a cafeteria.

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We Prepare Students For Success In Life

We Prepare Students For Success In Life